What services does home care provide?

Skilled Nursing:

  • Intermittent nursing services ordered by a physician for a recipient whose illness, injury, physical, or mental condition creates a need for the service. 
  • Nurse provides skilled observation and assessment, disease management instruction, evaluation of patients care plan, teaching and training, and skilled procedures.

Physical Therapy:

  • Provided by Licensed Professionals to meet acute goals of rehabilitation towards independence.

Home Health Aide: 

  • Certified as Home Health Aide to provide hands on care for personal cares, bathing, simple dressing change, medication reminders, exercise and ambulation.


  • Includes general household activities including but not limited to meal preparation, routine household care, support of assistance of instrumental activities of daily living, providing support, monitoring safety and well being. This service does not provide hands on care and only provided along with home health aide services.


  • Service provided to a patient on a short-term basis to provide for relief of the unpaid caregiver.

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