What do I have to do to get homestead classification?

To receive homestead you must comply with all the following requirements:

  • You must qualify as outlined above. You will be required to show proof of ownership and may be required to show proof of occupancy.
  • All property owners or qualified relatives who changed residences during the past year and are using it for homesteading purposes as of December 1st must make an application for homestead with their County Assessor before December 31st.
  • In the case of manufactured homes assessed as personal property, you must establish a homestead and an application must be made by May 29th of that year.
  • You must provide the signatures and social security numbers of all owners claiming homestead.
  • If the property is occupied by a relative, all of the owner’s relatives claiming homestead must sign and submit their social security numbers on the application. Also, all of the owners’ names and their social security numbers must be listed under the Names of the Owner(s) section on the application.

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