Health, Human & Veterans Services


400 Michigan Avenue W
Walker, MN 56484

P.O. Box 519
Walker, MN 56484



Link: Health, Human and Veterans Services Page

Toll-Free Phone: 800-450-3307


Monday through Friday
8 am to 4:30 pm

Backus Offices

218 Washburn Ave East
P.O. Box 51
Backus, MN 56435
Phone: 218-947-7530
Fax: 218-947-7525

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Buhmann, Brian Director 218-547-6863  




Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Asell, Brent Accounting Technician 218-547-6814  
Dirkes, Chris Acct Tech 218-547-6813  
Graham, Mary Acct Tech 218-547-6861  
Kroontje, Lavelle Fiscal Supervisor 218-547-6810  
Jaclyn, Huber Accounting Technician 218-547-6816  
Monnens, Tia Acct Tech 218-547-6815  
Peterson, Carrie Acct Tech 218-547-6898  
Schermann, Lacey Acct Tech 218-547-6812  

Child Support 



Link: Child Support Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Ahrens-Huewe, Rachel Child Support Officer 218-547-6805  
Flicker, Denise Child Support Officer 218-547-6803  
Hein, Judyne Child Support Supervisor 218-547-6800  
Miller, Tamara Support Enforcement Aide 218-547-6808  
Pederson, Melony Office Support Specialist 218-547-6806  
Ratz, Molly Child Support Officer 218-547-6801  
Robison, Lesli Child Support Officer 218-547-6804  

Financial Assistance 



Link: Financial Assistance Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Belgarde, Melissa Eligibility Worker 218-547-6894  
Caldwell, Dustin Eligibility Worker 218-547-6843  
Cooke, Robin Eligibility Worker (Cass Lake) 218-335-3027  
Dudley, Tanya Eligibility Worker (Backus) 218-947-7510  
Fasking, Rain Eligibility Worker 218-547-6890  
Gravdahl, Shelli Eligibility Worker 218-547-6891  
Hickman, Kayla Eligibility Worker 218-547-6871  
Johnson, Kim Eligibility Worker 218-547-6893  
Kamphaus, Katie Eligibility Worker (Backus) 218-947-7532  
Kraker, Alycia Eligibility Worker 218-547-6886  
Mellby, Maggie Financial Assistance Supervisor 218-547-6888  
Mueller, Carol Eligibility Worker 218-547-6887  
Ogaard, Matt Financial Assistance Supervisor 218-547-6889  
Pendzimas, Melanee Eligibility Worker 218-547-6899  
Redman, Monica Eligibility Worker 218-547-6880  
Scott, Gary Eligibility Worker (Cass Lake) 218-335-8264  
Sullivan, Marla Eligibility Worker 218-947-7509  
Williams, Jenna Eligibility Worker 218-547-6855  
Warren, Britany Eligibility Worker (Backus) 218-947-7535  
Wolff, Nicole Eligibility Worker 218-547-6870  

Office Support 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Babb, Jessica Office Support Specialist (Backus) 218-947-7530  
Baur, Bonnie Office Support Specialist    
Brown, Caryn Office Support Specialist 218-547-6866  
Campbell, Allison Office Support Specialist 218-547-6867  
Carlson, Amy Office Support Specialist 218-547-6872  
Carlson, John Office Support Specialist 218-547-6865  
Drews, Wendy Office Support Specialist 218-547-6922  
Minton, Kim Support Services Supervisor 218-547-6864  
Smith, Robin Office Support Specialist 218-547-6925  



Link: Public Health Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
DeVries, Michelle Public Health Nurse 218-547-6824  
Fuller, Lindsy Public Health Nurse 218-547-6840  
Hamilton, Shawna Registered Nurse (Backus) 218-947-7504  
Lukkason, Renee Public Health Team Leader 218-547-6825  
Payne, Merilee Public Health Nurse 218-547-6829  
Richter, Jamie Public Health Planner 218-547-6833  
Seegmiller, Jeri Public Health Team Leader 218-547-6839  
Urevig, Kerry Public Health Nurse 218-547-6844  
Wright, Laurel Registered Nurse 218-547-6822  
Zubke, Gina Public Health Nurse 218-547-6847  



Link: Social Services Page

Toll Free:  1-800-450-3307

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Atwater, Tahnee Social Worker 218-547-6854  
Bruch, Colleen Case Aide 218-547-6836  
Coyer, Cody County Team Leader 218-547-6828  
Dahmen, Gina Social Worker-CPS 218-547-6823  
Donovan, Julia County Agency Social Worker - CPS 218-547-6811  
Eckman, Madison Social Worker-CPS 218-547-6817  
Fadness, Bobbi Social Worker 218-547-6877  
Genz, Mindi Social Worker 218-547-6856  
Goehring, Kara Social Worker-CPS 218-547-6881  
Hakari, Debra Social Worker 218-547-6819  
Heldt, Tonya County Team Leader 218-547-6831  
Hemphill, Holli Social Worker 218-547-6837  
Hess, Samantha Social Worker 218-547-6858  
Honer, Dawn Social Worker 218-547-6874  
Johnson, Ted Social Worker 218-547-6842  
Kamphaus, Annie Case Aide 218-547-6857  
Lyons, Nicole County Team Leader 547-6820  
McMillen, Marsha Social Worker 218-547-6882  
Meier, Sydney Social Worker-CPS 218-547-6848  
Peterson, Devyn Social Worker 218-547-6860  
Peterson, Keith Social Worker 218-547-6818  
Sanbeck, Anna Social Worker-CPS 218-547-6850  
Sarun, Paul County Agency Social Worker 218-547-6853  
Shoop, Cassi County Agency Social Worker 218-547-6845  
Seeley, Madison County Agency Social Worker 218-547-6852  
St. Clair, Amy County Agency Social Worker 218-547-6878  
Weiss, Loretta Social Worker 218-547-6821  
Weikle, Natasha County Agency Social Worker - CPS 218-547-6832  
Wipperling, Suz Anne Case Aide 218-547-6846  

Veterans Services 

218 Washburn Ave East
Backus, MN 56435

P.O. Box 51
Backus, MN 56435



Link: Veterans Services Office Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Smart, Kristy Veterans Service Officer 218-947-7534  
Sether, Stephen Assistant Veterans Service Officer 218-947-7531