Community Partner Awards

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Community Partner Awards of up to $3,000 are available through Cass County SHIP for qualifying Health and Nutrition Projects that result in sustainable Policy, Systems, or Environmental changes.   In order to qualify please refer to the forms below.  There is a two part process to qualify, including a Community Partner Plan and Community Partner Agreement. 

Community Partner Plan

- this gives a detailed description of the project,  its goals and objectives,  the population it will serve, a plan for long term sustainability, itemization of costs involved and description of 10% matching funds. 

Community Partner Agreement

- This document is an official agreement for both parties, the County and the Award Recipient,  to follow through with their stated responsibilities. 

When these forms have been completed please send to:

Cass County SHIP Coordinator, 400 Michigan Avenue, Walker, MN 56484

Call 218-547-6839 for questions 

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