Tall Toilet

Use a Tall Toilet or Raised Toilet Seat

We might take it for granted, but even a seemingly simple task like using the bathroom can be a difficult task for someone with limited flexibility, like those who suffer from osteoarthritis or are recovering from an operation. Using a tall toilet or a raised toilet seat can make this daily task much easier.

A raised toilet seat is like a regular toilet seat but much taller, thus enabling the user to sit down without squatting as low as they would on a standard toilet. As an alternative, a raised toilet seat with handles can also make the whole experience much less uncomfortable as well as safer.

Image of standard toilet and ADA toilet

Image of toilet with side handles

Most standard height toilets are 15 inches high, but manufacturers do make taller toilets that range from 16.5 to 19 inches tall.

The higher height was initially made for the American Disabilities Act (ADA), that mandates ADA approved bathrooms toilet seat height are a minimum of 17 inches or taller.  These taller toilets have become more popular for personal use in homes because of the increased ease of use and safety.