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"File of Life" Emergency Pre-Planning

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The Cass County TRIAD File of Life Medical Information Program enables emergency responders to obtain a quick and accurate medical history when a patient is unable to offer one.  It also eliminates the risk of a patient forgetting to mention something important.  During medical emergencies, victims are often confused and, in some cases, completely unable to communicate.   When medications and/or medical conditions are unknown, it is extremely difficult to treat someone in an emergency.

This program consists of medical information cards and medication cards that you complete with your medical information and place in the red plastic holders.  The large magnetic card holder is then placed on your refrigerator and a sticker is placed on your front door.   The small card holders keep the same information in your glove compartment and in your wallet/purse.  The sticker on the back driver’s side window of your car lets emergency responders know there is medical information in your glove compartment or in your wallet/purse.   Since medications change more frequently, there are separate medication cards.

The sticker tells emergency responders exactly where to look for your medical information and having that individualized health information available to them could mean the difference between life and death.   Medical Information Programs help save lives….get yours today

The Cass County TRIAD File of Life Medical Information Program packet includes:

  • 2 red plastic MED card holders with medical information and medication cards
     (1 large for refrigerator, 1 small for car )
  • 1 MN TRIAD Sticker and 1 File of Life Sticker     

Information on the Cass County TRIAD File of Life Medical Information Program can be obtained by contacting any Cass County member or Pauline Fahey at 218-547-7308 or [email protected].