Slippery Rugs

Cartoon of man slipping on rug

Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of injury; and unsecure rugs can be a main culprit. All rugs should have a non-slip backing, be secured or, better yet, removed. If rugs are in the room, use a non-slip rug pad under them and tack the edges down, or use double-sided tape to keep the rug secure to the floor.

Additional flooring issues that can contribute to a fall include: curled edge of the carpet; lack of adequate color contrast along steps to distinguish steps from surrounding walking surfaces; loose carpeting; slippery flooring/surfaces; and spilled liquids on the floor.

Safety Tips to Prevent Falls at Home

Another way to avoid Tripping on a Rug is by using non-slip rubber carpet backingnon-slip rugs image

Thick Rugs may look and feel nice but they are too easy to trip on!Thick Rug