Expired Medications

Take it to the Box

Safe Medication Disposal

What is Take it to the Box?

A free of charge, safe disposal of unneeded/expired over-the-counter medications, inhaler medicine in dispensers, prescription & narcotic drugs.

Check medications regularly for expiration dates and clean out medicine cabinets at least annually.

How to dispose of unneeded medicines?

  • Leave medicine in its original container
  • Remove identifying information – black out personal name or peal off name label
  • Leave name of medication on container
  • Drop medication container into the disposal box opening

ITEMS That CANNOT GO in the box:

  • Empty medicine bottles
  • Syringes, needles, or sharps
  • Mercury thermometers or other mercury containing medical devices
  • Household chemicals
  • Bio hazardous waste
  • Cancer or other treatment medications, such as chemotherapy or radioactive medications.

DROP OFF LOCATIONS during regular business hours:

  • Cass County Sheriff’s Office Lobby
    303 MN Ave W. Walker, MN
  • Cass Lake City Hall/Law Enforcement Center
    330 2nd Street NW. Cass Lake, MN
  • Pine River City Hall/Law Enforcement Center
    200 Front Street N. Pine River, MN
  • City of Lake Shore 
    8583 Interlachen Rd, Lake Shore MN

For more information, contact Cass County Public Health Services – 218-547-1340