Check Cables

Tripping on Cables and Extension Cords

Tripping over cables and extension cords is one of the most prevalent causes of accidents and injuries in the home. Figuring out how to organize cables becomes increasingly important when realizing just how risky it is to leave them unprotected. Whether lying across the desk, unmanaged behind the television, or randomly draped along a wall or corner, cables can present serious danger.

Tripping on Cord

Tips for managing cords: run the cord or wire along a wall if possible; tape the cord to the floor with duct tape; use a cable protector; place traffic cones along the cord for increased visibility of the potential danger. For additional information:

Tripping on Cables

A simple extension cord or cable can cause you to trip and fall! Cover these with a carpet or cable cover seen below. 

Cable cover

Remove other obstacles or wet patches that may cause you to slip and fall ...

Slips Trips Falls