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What’s so special about September?   Yes, kids go back to school. There is National Waffle Week  and National Indoor Plant Week. And Biscuits and Gravy Week is yet to come.  But there is another special week that benefits our Cass County senior residents.

The National Council on Aging recognizes September 18-24, 2022, as Falls Prevention Awareness Week. This is a serious health problem for our citizens 65  years old and up. According to the US Center for Disease Control, in 2018 three million seniors had emergency room visits due to fall related incidents. There were 34,000 deaths. $50 billion dollars were spent on medical care with ¾ of it paid by Medicare and Medicaid. It is the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries in our older adults and a growing trend. Between 2009 and 2018 there was a 30 % increase in falls nationwide. Unfortunately, Minnesota ranks fourth in the nation for  resulting deaths. Yes, falls are common and costly. But fall risks can be reduced and accidents prevented. Helpful information is available from your medical providers and community health specialists. The Cass County Falls Prevention Taskforce has developed an informative website  addressing fall risk and prevention. www.casscountymn.gov/1528/Falls-Prevention 

Topics include checklists to identify home and community risk factors along with suggestions to correct or avoid these risks, such as install grab bars and stair railings, proper lighting, and plan to eliminate clutter and trip hazards. There is also information to address personal risk factors such as health, eyesight,  nutrition, activity, balance, strength, and proper footwear. Reviewing medications with a health provider can also help to prevent an unexpected fall. Video interviews with local seniors who have experienced a serious fall provides valuable information and tips. 


Who do you call if you fall? 911 Cass County Lift Assist. Fall prevention is a community effort. We can make a difference for ourselves and our loved ones. Stay well. 

“Who Do You Call if You Fall?” Call 911! The Cass County Sheriff’s Dept. will provide a lift assist without charge. And they will determine if an ambulance is needed should the fall be serious with a potential injury.  The 5th Annual Cass County Falls Prevention Health Fair continues on the LiveHealthy website. We hope the various articles and tips are helpful and have increased awareness so that a fall may be prevented. Word search puzzles will be available at the following locations through the end of October: Faith in Action, Hackensack; Lori Luv’s, Longville; Cass County Health Human Veteran Services, Walker; the Pine River - Backus Family Center and the Northland Family Service Center in Remer.

A serious fall and injury can be avoided. Be smart. Keep active and strong. Enjoy life to its fullest! Remember who to call after a fall; 911 Lift Assist.

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  • 911 Cass County Lift Assist
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