Public Health Nuisance

What is a Public Health Nuisance?

A public health nuisance is different from a public nuisance or a code violation. 

It may be a public health nuisance if:

  1. it can make people sick, 
  2. it causes an infestation of insects or rodents, or 
  3. it can pose a health threat/injury to others who may enter the building. 

Examples of a public health nuisance: 

  •     Accumulation of refuse or debris 
  •     Human or animal feces  
  •     Rotting food waste 
  •     Evidence of rodent or insect infestation 
  •     Accumulation of solid waste 
  •     Lack of water or sewage disposal 
  •     Limited or blocked egress to windows and doors 
  •     Number and type of live animals that might be injurious or dangerous to the health and safety of any individual or to the public in general 

It is important to acknowledge that a “messy” or “cluttered” building is not necessarily a public health nuisance.

What is the role of Public Health? 

Minnesota Statute 145A defines a “public health nuisance" as any activity or failure to act that adversely affects the public health. Minnesota Statute 145A gives the local board of health or its agent the authority to remove or abate the threat within a specified time. 

Black Mold

Mold is a type of fungus. Mold spores are found in both the indoor and outdoor air, but they will only grow if they find the right conditions. Many molds are capable of producing substances that can be harmful to your health. Health effects from mold can vary greatly from person to person. 

Stachybotrys chartarum ”Black Mold” is a greenish-black toxic mold. It can grow on material with a high cellulose content, such as fiberboard, gypsum board, and paper.

To report a suspected public health nuisance to the Public Health Department call 218-547-6839

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