Employee Assistance Program

What is an Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a voluntary program that provides short-term, no-cost counseling services for you and members of your household when facing problems with relationships, finances, alcohol and drug use, work, stress, or other personal problems. It is designed to help you identify and resolve life's problems that are impairing your performance at work.

We Offer Support for Many Different Issues

  • Alcohol or chemical abuse problems
  • Concerns about your job
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Financial crisis
  • Loss and grief; death
  • Many other personal problems
  • Parent / child difficulties
  • Separation and divorce concerns
  • Relationship issues

Your Family is encouraged to use the EAP

We realize that if you or a family member are experiencing a problem, the entire family is affected. As a result, our EAP is available to members of your household. All you have to do is pick up the telephone, dial 800-550-6248 and a qualified counselor close to you will be there to help.

We Are Here to Help with Difficult Problems

What can you expect when you use the EAP?

  • Easy access to a qualified counselor at a private office in the county seat or another city in the county where other county employees work.
  • Confidentiality. Only you will know you have called for assistance. You will be read a Tennessen Warning ( a notice regarding the confidentiality of your call ). In order to coordinate your appointment, you will be asked your name, the organization for whom you work and your address.
  • No-cost service is available for county employees and their dependents.
  • A face-to-face meeting with a professional counselor within 2 days of your initial telephone call.
  • A 24-hour crisis line for emergencies.
  • You or your family member will receive up to four counseling sessions per year for each identified problem. If additional or more long-term counseling is needed, the counselor will assist you in obtaining services.

Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust (MCIT)

Employee Assistance Program

For caring, confidential, professional counseling help call: 800-550-6248

Why is MCIT Making the EAP Available to You

The greatest resource and the greatest expense to an employer are its employees. Employees that are distracted by personal problems, either at home or the office, are more susceptible to injuries at work, tardiness, absenteeism, poor job performance and often take out their frustrations and anxiety on co-workers and clients.

The EAP is a tool to provide employees with a neutral outside resource to assist in resolving difficult personal issues that may be impacting performance at work.