WIC - Women, Infants and Children Special Supplemental Nutrition Program


WIC appointments are now in person again! 

We are excited to see you and your families to see how much your children have grown!

How will you know if your appointment is in person or over the phone?
Plan for an in person visit but you will be contacted by our WIC office prior to your next appointment to discuss the type of appointment it will be.
For questions, please call Amy at 218-547-6872.

WIC is a nutrition and breastfeeding program that helps young families eat well and be healthy. WIC helps pregnant women learn about nutritious foods for a healthy pregnancy and birth. WIC promotes breastfeeding and has lactation specialists to support new moms. WIC provides nutritious foods to women and their young children, so they are healthy, happy and ready to learn.

WIC staff provide information about nutrition during pregnancy and about feeding babies and young children. WIC provides a variety of healthy foods including baby foods, fruits & vegetables, milk, eggs and whole grain foods and provides information and referrals to other health and community services.

You may be eligible for WIC if you are a woman who is pregnant or has been pregnant in the last six months or have an infant or child under the age of 5 years old. Additional information including eligibility guidelines can be found at the MDH WIC website.

Pregnant women, parents, guardians and foster parents can apply.

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Clinic dates & times vary by location. See our Public Health Calendar for details.

Locations include: 
Pillager - Pillager Family Center
Pine River - Pine River-Backus Family Center
Remer - Northland Family Center
Walker - Health, Human and Veterans Services

Nutrition Education Resources

Anemia in Pregnancy
Anemia in Infants
Anemia in Toddlers

WIC Clinic Forms

Medical Formula Form
Participant Document Submission Form

Helpful Resources

Minnesota Department of Health WIC Program 1-800-657-3942
USDA WIC Breastfeeding Support
USDA Nondiscrimination Statement
Food Shelves in Cass County

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“Breastfeeding is an instinctual and natural act, but it is also an art that is learned day by day. The reality is that almost all women can breastfeed, have enough milk for their babies and learn how to overcome problems both large and small. It is almost always simply a matter of practical knowledge and not a question of good luck.” 
-La Leche League

How Much Milk Does My Baby Need?

Breastfeeding is a unique experience for every mom and child, and most moms have lots of questions. Click here to get the info to make breastfeeding successful: https://wicbreastfeeding.fns.usda.gov/breastfeeding-basics   #WICbreastfeeding #BreastfeedingMoms #BreastfeedingTips

Breastfeeding is for Anytime, Anyplace

The idea of breastfeeding in public may make you nervous. But in most states, it’s your legal right to breastfeed wherever and whenever your baby is hungry and it’s possible to feed discreetly in public. Learn about breastfeeding in public with confidence here: https://wicbreastfeeding.fns.usda.gov/breastfeeding-confidence #WICbreastfeeding #BreastfeedingMoms #MomMotivation

Dads Can Help

Dads can offer support, encouragement, and attend breastfeeding classes. https://wicbreastfeeding.fns.usda.gov/dads #WICbreastfeeding #WICspeaksBF #FamilyAndFriends