Roads and Trails

Forest Roads 

The Cass County Land Department manages over 1,000 miles of forest roads to provide access to the land for management purposes. Portions of some of the roads also serve as recreational trails. 

Non-Motorized Trails

Cass County has several trail systems designated for non-motorized recreational use only.  Most of these areas are labeled as cross-country ski trails but keep in mind that hiking, hunting, biking, and horseback riding are also allowed. 

Cross Country Ski Trails

Ski trails (Cut Lake, Hiram, Goose Lake, and Washburn Lake) are maintained and groomed by the Lake Country Nordic Ski Club.  Email Lake Country Nordic Ski Club.  These four trails are Grant-in-Aid trails and require a Minnesota Ski Pass. Deep Portage Ski Trails and Shingobee Recreation Area Trails are groomed by Deep Portage Learning Center. Email Deep Portage Learning Center or call 218-682-2325.  

Cutlake Skiing/Mountain Bike Trail (PDF)
Deep Portage Ski Trail (PDF)Classical
Goose Lake Trail (PDF)
Hiram X-Country Ski Trail (PDF)
Shingobee Recreation Area (PDF)Classical / Skating
Washburn Lake Solitude Area (PDF)Classical


Motorized Use of Forest Roads & Trails

Recreational Map Information

The Cass County Interactive Web Mapping service provides online access to the following information:

  • Snowmobile Trails, Boat Accesses, Public Land Ownership, Paved Trails, Ski Trails, ATV Trails, and Designated Hunter/Hiking Trails
  • To display the required data layers, check the box for Recreational Layers within the legend on the left side of the map.

The Cass County Highway Map (PDF) provides this information in a printed version and is available to the public at no cost at the Land Department (Backus), Courthouse and Highway Department (Walker).

Designated Roads & Trails for Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Use

Because of the way county, state, and federal lands are distributed in Cass County, the public process for trail designations has been split among three different areas: