Recreation on Public Lands

Recreational Roads and Trails

The Cass County Land Department manages over 1,000 miles of forest roads to provide access to the land for management purposes. Portions of some of the roads also serve as recreational trails.  Approximately 90% of the County's Land is open for motorized use on trails; 10% is designated solely for non-motorized recreational use.  

Deep Portage Learning Center

Deep Portage was established in 1973.  The Deep Portage Learning Center occupies 6,300 acres of land administered by Cass County through its Land Department.  The operation of the reserve and its programs are managed by the Deep Portage Foundation, a non-profit organization with a long-term contract with the County.  

Camping on County Land

Primitive camping on county administered tax-forfeited lands is permitted under the following guidelines: 

  • Dispersed camping is limited to a period of 14 days in one area.  After 14 days camp must be established at least one mile from previous camp.
  • Campers must remove all trash and debris from the site.  
  • Live trees may not be felled for firewood.
  • No camping within a quarter mile of a public boat access (unless otherwise marked) or designated county, state or federal campground. 


  • Cutting or felling of live trees regardless of size to create shooting lanes or trail to stand is considered timber trespass and is prohibited. 
  • Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations 
  • Hunting stands that damage trees are not allowed; no nails, bolts, or screws. All new tree stands that damage trees will be removed; old tree stands will be removed as timber sales take place in an area.
  • The county encourages portable tree stands, freestanding stands, and any tree stands that do not damage trees.
  • Photos of acceptable hunting stands:
Tree Stand 2
Tree Stand 1
Tree Stand 3