Timber Harvest Plan

The Timber Harvest Plan for Cass County identifies timber stands that will be harvested and regenerated. The Plan is provided to inform the public of proposed harvest locations within Cass County and have input on our tactical planning. Strategic plans can be found in the Forest Resources Management Plan (PDF)

Our Timber Harvest Plan identifies harvest sites for the next ten years. With few exceptions, timber that is set up and sold at the Timber Auctions will be harvested within two to three years after being sold. Situations may occur where a sale is not identified on the plan due to salvage of damaged and/or diseased timber or other specific reasons. Some of the identified sales on the Timber Harvest Plan have already been set up and in some instances been sold at a Cass County Timber Auction. Changes cannot be made to these sales. Comments will be accepted on all other planned sales. View the 2016-2029 proposed timber harvest areas, This will take you to the Cass Web Mapping page that will provide general information on this service.

Once you have entered the Web Mapping site you can view the planned timber harvest sites by turning on the "Forestry" and "Cass Forest Plan: 2016-2029" layers located under the Basic Layers portion of the legend on the left. This will display the proposed harvest areas.