ATV Search & Rescue

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Search & Rescue Volunteer Team (SAR)

About SAR

Sheriff's ATV Search and Rescue Volunteer Team of Cass County operates under the direction of Sheriff Bryan Welk. The Woodtick Wheelers ATV Club partnered in 2015 with the Sheriff's Office to organize the SAR ATV Team and initiate a series of training sessions and mock rescues.

SAR is a nonprofit consisting of two dozen members of the Woodtick Wheelers ATV Club and the Over The Hills Gang ATV Club who volunteer their time, machines, equipment, and expertise in assisting the Sheriff's Office in providing crowd monitoring and security for county events (such as fairs, local community events and concerts), searching for missing persons, and assisting in other investigations. These individuals train together on a regular basis to ensure their services are effective.

The goal of the ATV SAR Team is to provide meaningful activity dedicated to community welfare and safety by increasing greater presence of the sheriff's office.

What We Do

  • Assist Sheriff's Office with ATV trail monitoring of the Soo Line North Trail in the Remer area
  • Assist Sheriff Deputies at the Eelpout Festival and Moondance concerts
  • Train with the Sheriff's Department conducting mock searches on ATVs and on foot, the use of ARMER Radios and GPS units
  • Training and certification in CPR, use of AED and adult first aid
  • Attend local community events such as the Hackensack National Night Out, visiting with the public on ATV safety, and participating in local celebrations, parade detail and events

Value of SAR

SAR volunteers are highly motivated and committed individuals from all adult age groups and all backgrounds, who dedicate their time, talents and energy, which allows deputies to remain accessible to the community and greatly contributes to providing the high quality of public service by the Sheriff's Office for the community.


ATV Search and Rescue Team Group Photo

Some Members of the ATV Search and Rescue Volunteer Team along with Deputy Chad Emery, Emergency Services Director, during a field training exercise!

Deputy Chad Emery, Emergency Services Director
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Sherrie Gayken, SAR ATV Team Leader

David Halsey, President Woodtick Wheelers ATV Club