Description of Exercises

Bone Builders Warm-Up

(Repeat 4 times each)


  • Yes and No - count is up, down, right, left
  • Ear to Shoulder
  • Tip head down so chin is toward chest and then circle head in front of body


  • Right up, Left up, up together


  • Lace hands behind neck, elbows together in front then out to side

Upper Body

  • Lace fingers behind neck with elbows out. Bend each elbow to the opposite knee
  • Place hands on shoulders with elbows straight out to side and twist gently right then left
  • Rock side to side, lifting buttocks

Ankles & Wrists

  • Extend arms and legs straight out in front; make circles with hands and feet - one direction and then the other direction
  • Same position, flex hands and feet up and down (point and flex, point and flex)
  • Place feet flat on floor, extend arms in front. Scrunch toes while opening and closing hands and blinking eyes. Say vowels: AEIOU.

Chair Stands

  • Stand with arms crossed (with or without weights); squat as if sitting down then return to standing (count of four down and four back up). Keep backside tucked in. (8 repetitions)

Toe & Heel Raise

  • Up on toes (up to count of 4 and back down to count of 4)
  • Rock back on heels (same count)
  • Do four of each


  • Stretch arms to ceiling - reach right across body, then left as if reaching for something in the cupboard.
  • Lift right arm up; bend to the left and then do opposite side.
  • Swimming: Front stroke, Back stroke, Breast stroke

Tandem Walk

  • Toe to heel, 20 forward, 20 backwards

Full Body Twist

  • Stand - swing arms to right, then to left

Bone Builders Exercises

Arm Curls

  • Sit, arms straight down, palms facing in. Lift weights, rotate forearms at knee; lift weights straight up to shoulder, holding upper arms close to your side.
  • Return arms to side rotating at knee.

Seated Fly (Hug a Tree)

Sit, lean slightly forward from hips. Raise arms to front, elbows at 90-degree angle, weights touching in front. Pull arms apart and return to center. (Shoulders are the hinge.)

Backward Press

Sit at front of chair, body leaning slightly forward from waist. Weights start at your knees and go back parallel to the floor. Press arms straight back and return to knees

Upward Row (Zipper)

Stand up straight, feet hip width apart. Hold weights palms facing in toward thighs and weights parallel to floor. Lift weights along body to mid-chest height. Elbows will point out to side. Lower weights.

Overhead Arm Lift

  • Sit or stand. Extend arm straight up; bend elbow so weight is behind your neck, palm facing in. Extend elbow and raise weight straight up. Return weight behind head.
  • Alternative method: Sit and lean forward slightly at waist. Hold weight next to knee and (using elbow as a hinge), move weight to the back of the body until arm is extended straight and to the back. Bring back forward next to knee.

Upward Press (Shelf)

  • Stand, feet hip width apart with weights in front of shoulders and palms forward. Push weights up as if reaching for a shelf. See weights in peripheral vision and return down.
  • Build up to 12 repetitions of each exercise. Start with comfortable weights and increase weight if tolerable over time.

Standing Forward Leg Lift

Stand beside chair. Extend leg forward, keeping leg straight. Lift foot up with toe pointed up (6 to 8 inches); return to floor.

Standing Back Leg Lift

Stand behind chair and bend forward at waist so waist and hips form a 15 degree angle. Extend leg straight back and return to front. (6 to 8 inches)

Standing Back Knee Bend

Stand behind chair, feet hip width apart. Keep knees close together and lift your heel up towards your thigh (6-8 inches). Return foot to floor.

Standing Side Leg Lift

Stand behind chair, feet slightly apart. With leg straight, lead with heel and lift leg straight out to the side (6 to 8 inches). Lead with the heel. Then return to the floor.

Bone Builders Cool Down


  • Slight head tilt - ear to shoulder
  • Turn face 45 degrees to one side and drop chin (to look in pocket); lift face and turn to the opposite side and drop chin.
  • Use two fingers to make small circles on the back of neck; work down neck and back, adding fingers and massaging.
  • Turtle stretches - out and back in shell. Smile!

Upper Body

  • Shoulder Rolls - forward, then back
  • Opposite Shoulder Lifts - S, S, Q, Q, Q
  • Place fingers on opposite shoulder and walk fingers towards back. Stretch the arm that is reaching back while rubbing the back. Reverse and do with the other arm
  • Try to touch fingers together behind the back. Reach behind the neck with one arm and reach up with the other arm. Use good posture to stretch. If you want to really work on this stretch, use a towel.
  • Place hands on hips. Pull elbows back and then forward for a gentle stretch.
  • Roll shoulders forward, lacing fingers together in the front and arching the back forward (like an angry cat). The goal is to open up all the spaces between the vertebrae. Then bring arms back to sides and arch back in chair, reversing the arch of the back.


  • Pelvic Tilt: Stand behind chair. Lace fingers together in front of body and press arms out in front of body. Lean forward with head between arms and knees bent (backside tucked in) as in a chair stand. Hold that position with head between the arms and legs bent with backside tucked in. Then come up and repeat 2 or 3 times.
  • Table Top: Stand behind chair and hold onto back of chair with back flat (like a table). Head should be between elbows. If possible, sway hips back and forth slightly.


  • Place feet 2 to 4 feet apart with feet parallel. Lean over one foot, stretching leg that is extended. Hold that position with hands on knee and head up. (Bent knee should be over foot.) Reverse direction.
  • Place one foot in front of the other and stretch forward over foot that is in the front. Keep both feet flat on the floor (calf muscles of the leg in the back should be stretching). Hold that position and then shift weight to foot in the back and pull up toe of the forward foot. Reverse and do both stretches in the reverse position.
  • Place one toe on the floor and make circles with ankles/knees to flex ankles. Go one direction and then the other. Repeat with other foot.


Stand tall and stretch up. Reach up, stretching, then bend knees and "scoop" up air. Do 2 to 3 times with deep breaths.