Timber Sales

For a more descriptive procedure on timber sales see TS-1 Selling of Timber (PDF) in the Procedure Manual.  

Forestry Database System

The forestry database system lets you download and print timber sale permits, statements, operator sale lists, auction reports, harvest reports, and much more. Click here to view the Forestry Database System.

Instructions for Forestry Database System

Firewood Permit

  • Available to all purchasers by contacting the corresponding resource manager for specific area you would like to receive the firewood permit.
  • No permits are to be sold in standing timber.  Permits will be for down wood only.  Most permits are sold after a timber sale has been closed and firewood will be taken from the landing.  
  • The price is $25 for up to 10 cords.
  • All firewood permits will close on December 31 of the year issued.

Web Mapping

Active and inactive timber sales can be viewed on the Forestry Interactive Web Map.