Timber Auctions 

Timber Auctions are governed by State Statue.  Timber auctions contain Regular Tracts (open to all bidders) and Intermediate Tracts (restricted to bidders with 30 full-time employees or less).  Registration before the timber auction is recommended (call the Land Department with contact information).  Timber tracts will be awarded to the highest bidder at not less than the appraised value.  Successful bidder will pay 20% of appraised value of each awarded tract unless successful bidder has forfeited a sale in the past two years, then the down payment will be 25% of the bid up value.      

The 2024 Oral Timber Auction Schedule is as follows:

  • January 25, 2024
  • April 25, 2024
  • July 25, 2024
  • October 31, 2024

View Next scheduled Timber Auction (PDF)

Unsold Timber Auction Tracts

Unsold Timber Sales are available at a first come first basis over-the-counter. They can be purchased the day of the auction for the down payment.  After the day of the auction it becomes an informal sale and can be purchased when paid in full.  

Web Mapping

Auction Tracts can be viewed on the Forestry Interactive Web Map.