The Cass County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division is comprised of 37 full-time patrol staff, including 3 Sergeants. The Patrol Division responds to calls for service 24 hours a day on incidents such as medicals, alarms, vehicle crashes, motorist assists, domestic disputes, traffic complaints, as well as property offenses, burglaries and fraud. The Division is also responsible for protecting the citizens and visitors of Cass County, as well as their property, through proactive patrol and traffic enforcement to prevent and deter crime. The Patrol Division practices the philosophy of community policing, inviting the community to partner with Law Enforcement to identify problems, develop responses and evaluate the results of those responses. The Sheriff’s Office promotes this practice through the patrol of three geographically assigned areas of the County known as North, Central and South. The division also provides specialized services such as K-9, the Emergency Response Unit, Court Security, Honor Guard and numerous instructorships in multiple areas of training and specializations. A school resource officer is assigned to the Pillager School District. The Sheriff's Office contracts with 3 communities (Cass Lake, Backus and Longville) for law enforcement and patrol services. 

  1. Jason Brogle

    Sergeant #105

  2. Wade Schultz

    Sergeant #106

  3. John Yochum

    Sergeant #109

  4. Zach Johnson

    Deputy #110

  5. Aaron Ammerman

    Deputy #111

  6. Truitt Buckhouse

    Deputy #112

  7. Jesse Iverson

    Deputy #114

  8. Aftyn Wildes

    Deputy #115

  9. Jason Zaffke

    Deputy #116

  10. Mark Diaz

    Deputy #117

  11. Kaleb Cherne

    Deputy #118

  12. Andrew Rugloski

    Deputy #119

  13. Bill Conner

    Deputy #120

  14. Todd Wolter

    Deputy/Civil #122

  15. Dave Donner

    Deputy #123

  16. Seth Robison

    Deputy #125

  17. Chuck Lahman

    Deputy #126

  18. Jon Bieloh

    Deputy #127

  19. Alex Brown

    Deputy #128

  20. Nick Chiono

    Deputy #131

  21. Brian Sewall

    Deputy #132

  22. Andy Rollins

    Deputy #135

  23. Joe Holsapple

    Deputy #136

  24. Ryan Huston

    Deputy #137

  25. Brian Sherwood

    Deputy #138

  26. Luke Rasmus

    Deputy #139

  27. Chad Bouc

    Deputy #140

  28. Cody Czerny

    Deputy #141

  29. Dillon Bruns

    Deputy #143

  30. Jonah Koeppen

    Deputy #144

  31. Michael Johnson

    Deputy #145

  32. Shawn Birr

    Deputy #146

  33. Jordyn Sullivan

    Deputy #147