Pine River Community Garden

Pano from Aug 22

Pine River Community Garden in August 2022

Watering  System The New Six Apple Tree  Orchard and Water Soaking System was installed in October 2022

The Pine River Community Garden underwent a complete transformation Fall 2021 due to the water line being accidently severed during the summer. All the soil, weeds and vegetation was stripped off and dumped outside the Garden fence for later composting. Several truck loads of fresh topsoil were brought in, as well as woodchips for the walkways. We created 53 15-by-15 foot plots, an Orchard area, a school plot and we dug out the hoop house, and we retained all the raised circle beds.

In Spring 2022, we will add a state-of-the-art water system with water availability every 30 feet. We will plant apple trees, start a mushroom plot, and create a secret garden for kids. This community garden will end up being one of the best in the state.

The garden is located at:
401 Murray Avenue
Pine River, MN 56474
Next to Football Field

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Before Renovation

Pine River Community Garden Before Renovation

After Renovation

Pine River Community Garden After Renovation

Garden Layout

Pine River Community Garden Layout Diagram