Community Gardens

Community Gardens in Cass County

Grow With Us - Learn How to Become a Master GardenerCass County SHIP believes that Community Gardens afford more access to fruits and vegetables, more Fruit and Vegetable consumption, and increased Physical Activity. Community Gardens, promote Healthy Eating and reduce Obesity levels, and can be a source of Community Pride and Spirit.

Why Community Gardens?

Gardening is considered moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and heavy gardening vigorous and muscle-strengthening exercise. Community gardening may encourage an overall healthy lifestyle by promoting physical fitness, strength, flexibility, and social engagement, and improving cognitive function among participants; especially older adults. Adults and teenagers who work in community gardens report eating roughly half a cup more fruits and vegetables per day than those who do not. In a Salt Lake City-based study, gardeners had a lower body mass index (BMI) than their non-gardening neighbors.

Community gardens can reduce barriers to healthy food associated with transportation, cost, and food preference, and may increase food security. Community gardening may also reduce fossil fuel energy used to produce, process, and transport food, and can reduce the energy intensity of an individual's diet if more plant-based foods are consumed in place of animal products. Natural Gardening techniques also contribute to healthy soil and cleaner water.

Successful community gardens may have broad neighborhood benefits such as increased nearby property values, increased community engagement and pride, and improved safety. Community garden participation is associated with increased levels of social capital, neighborhood engagement, and satisfaction

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