Historic Tax Records of Cass County Minnesota

Cass County offers free public access to a website containing historic assessment and tax records preserved from the original records in digital PDF file format. Assessment lists and tax lists (also called tax books) are available for years spanning 1900 to 1997. The years that are available vary due to the availability of the original records and the date that the township or city was first established. Tax books will be added to this site for years through the prior tax year in the future.

Search suggestions include first determining the township or city in which the property is located and the legal description of the property in addition to the owner's name in that year. The use of property, or parcel identification numbers in a computerized tax system began in 1975. The format of the property identification number has varied up to the present time with the current nine-digit format first adopted in 1990 (XX-XXX-XXXX).

For newer records or for assistance in searching the historic tax records, call 218-547-7260, or email the Auditor-Treasurer Department. Copies may be obtained upon request at standard fees for public data, usually $.25 per single-sided letter size copy.