District Activities

Cost-Sharing Program

The SWCD makes cost-sharing dollars available to Cass County landowners for a variety of conservation projects. Eligible practices must meet technical specifications and be maintained by the landowner for a minimum effective life of 10 years. Private Forest Management Plans, Shoreline Buffers, Stormwater, well sealing and NRCS approved practices are eligible for cost-share through the district. Landowners must submit a completed cost-share application and bid to the district for consideration. Cass SWCD Board of Supervisors meets monthly to review and approve applications. Cost-share once approved have a one-year period to be completed.

Private Forest Management Plans

CASS SWCD connects landowners, owning wooded acreage, with PFM plan writers who can create a plan for them. The SWCD cost-shares on plans that are 20 acres or more in size. Landowners with an approved PFM plan can choose to enroll their PFM plan acreage in either 2C or SFIA program.

Shoreline Restoration

CASS SWCD connects landowners with private companies that do the installation and maintenance for these projects. Cost Share for these projects up to 75% of the entire cost of the project.

Agricultural Cost Share

CASS SWCD and NRCS work together to help producers obtain cost-share practices that will benefit their business and water quality. Cost Share for these practices is up to 75% of the entire cost of project.

Conservation Easements

CASS SWCD connects landowners with a variety of organizations including MN. Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR), MN. Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and Northern Waters Land Trust (NWLT) to allow landowners to choose what easement program work for them. Please contact this office for further information.

SWCD-County Agreement

The SWCD continues to enjoy an excellent working relationship with the Cass County Board and the Cass County Environmental Services Department. Through a formal service agreement, the County provides office space, vehicles, equipment, supplies, and personnel to carry out the SWCD's program. Supervisor, Ken LaPorte, represents the SWCD on the Cass County Board of Adjustment. The County and SWCD Boards meet as a Liaison Committee to discuss budgets and policy issues.