FiveStar Lake Service Providers (LSPs)

The Cass County Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Program and area lake associations have partnered to implement the FiveStar Lake Service Provider Program, modeled after Itasca County's FiveStar Programs. The FiveStar Program enrolls and promotes to the public area businesses who are savvy about AIS and implement prescribed AIS safeguards. FiveStar Lake Service Providers (LSPs) are Department of Natural Resources (DNR) certified, sign a contract agreeing to apply additional specified AIS best practices and safeguards when moving from one lake or river to another, and agree to help identify and disseminate AIS best practices and safeguards throughout Cass County.

View a listing of FiveStar Lake Service Providers. If you use a provider that is not on this list, please verify they are a DNR-permitted lake service provider, and ask if they will consider becoming a FiveStar LSP. For more information, email Dana Gutzmann or call 218-547-7324.

Cass County FiveStar Lake Service Provider