1. TRIAD
  2. SALT

TRIAD is short for The Right Information and Direction. It is responsible for the formation of the Cass County SALT Council (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together). A joint resolution indicates concern for the plight of older Americans and the advantages of involving seniors in appropriate volunteer tasks within law enforcement agencies.

TRIAD developed from a concern about the unmet needs of seniors, who are a rapidly increasing segment of the population. It provides public education and local projects to meet these needs.

Locally, TRIAD consists of Senior Citizens, the National Sheriff's Association, and Service providers.

Goals & Objectives

TRIAD functions on the national, state, and local levels, doing real work at the local level. It aims to meet the following goals and objectives:

  • Recruit Senior Volunteers
  • Identify Community needs
  • Implement initiatives through TRIAD
  • Interview seniors and identify problems
  • Assist with problem solving
  • Design programs for acceptable solutions
  • Educate seniors about frauds and scams