Attorney's Office

Welcome to the Cass County Attorney’s Office 

Benjamin Lindstrom is the Cass County Attorney. The duties of the County Attorney are many. Most notably, the County Attorney is responsible for prosecuting crimes that occur within the County. This includes the prosecution of everything from murder all the way down to petty misdemeanor traffic violations. The County Attorney’s Office also handles a variety of civil and administrative matters; including:

  • Child protection cases
  • Mental health and chemical dependency civil commitments
  • Child support collections

In addition, the County Attorney provides legal advice to the County Board and other department heads.  

When fully staffed, the County Attorney’s Office has six attorneys (the County Attorney, a First Assistant, and four Assistants), one administrative-legal secretary, three legal secretaries, two paralegals, and a victim services coordinator.

Annual Report

2021 Annual Report - Cass County Attorney's Office (PDF)

Need to speak with someone specific?

Each of our attorneys can be reached through our main phone line, 218-547-7255 or at their email.

Are you a victim and have questions about your rights?

Our victim services coordinator Shannon Pfeiffer can be reached at, 218-547-7422 or you can email Shannon. You can learn more about victim services on our Crime Victim Services page and more about victims' rights on our Victims' Rights page.

Interested in learning more about the Cass County Attorney’s Office?

Your County Attorney’s Office is dedicated to increasing public awareness about the criminal justice system and what the Office does to serve our community. Social media is one of the most efficient ways for us to do that. Visit the Cass county attorney's Facebook site for press releases and news info.