This office is responsible for all of the following activities:

  • Recording deeds, mortgages and approximately 400 different real estate documents, all of which are imaged/scanned in house. (Responsibility for legal records of all real estate in the county is under the jurisdiction of this office
  • Originating Certificates of Title conveying land under Torrens Land System
  • Recording military service discharges and issuing certified copies
  • Recording county officials bonds, oaths of office, and federal and state tax liens
  • Recording bankruptcy documents, power of attorney, and farm names. Records all official plats
  • Recording government corner certificates


The mission of the Cass County Recorder/Registrar is to establish the highest quality of customer service in providing information and products to the consumer. We are dedicated to protecting and preserving the recordings/filings of all documents in a manner which is both timely and cost effective.


  • To promptly record/file real estate and personal property documents in accordance with statutory requirements
  • To accurately produce a tract index and certificates of title from the recordings/filings
  • To expedite retrieval and reproduction of the recorded and filed real estate and personal property documents for the customer and continually seek to enhance these methods
  • To protect and preserve all records for the public with integrity in an understandable format and medium for future generations
  • To provide quality service and information to our customer by employing a knowledgeable and dedicated staff
  • To promote a professional work environment in which our customers and employees are valued and treated with courtesy and respect

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