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If you are a registered voter within a mail ballot precinct you will automatically receive a mail ballot approximately 46 days prior to election day. To register to vote visit the Secretary of State register to vote page.

Learn more facts about Mail Ballot Precincts.

2022 Election Map Resources

Cass County MN 2022 Election and Voter Information - Interactive Map

Use this interactive map service to assist with address verification, polling place locations, and other voting precinct information.

Federal and State Legislative Districts

The Special Redistricting Panel, as appointed by the MN Supreme Court, has released the congressional and legislative redistricting plans. These plans have been filed with the MN Secretary of State's Office, effective February 15, 2022. Provided are links to the Special Redistricting Panel webpage, as well as each plan as published on the Legislative Coordinating Commission's (LLC) website.

Cass County Commissioner Districts

At the regular County Board meeting on September 7, 2021, resolution 51-21 endorsed a redistricting plan based on evaluation of the 2020 U.S. Census Data. Once the state redistricting plan was adopted by the legislature (2/15/22), a public hearing was scheduled and held on April 5, 2022. The new county commissioner districts were adopted by the County Board on April 5, 2022. Pursuant to MN Statute, the Cass County Board of Commissioners has filed the 2022 Cass County Commission Redistricting Plan in the Office of the Cass County Auditor-Treasurer and has published notice illustrating final congressional, legislative and county commissioner district boundaries now established for 2022 and future elections. M.S. 204B.14 subd. 4; M.S. 204B.135, subd. 2; and M.S 375.025, subd. 4

Local School District and Voting Precinct Boundary Maps

Countywide Map of School District and Voting Precincts (PDF)

Individual School District Boundary Maps

Precincts & Polling Places:  Following adoption of the state legislative redistricting plan on 2/15/2022, all municipalities (and counties with unorganized territory) are required to re-establishing their precinct boundaries and designate their polling places by March 29, 2022 as required under M.S. 204B.14, subd. 3(e).   Municipalities must notify the MN Secretary of State's Office (PDF) of any changes to precinct boundaries or names.  Municipalities should also communicate these changes, as well as any polling place changes, to their county.  Precinct boundaries changes were established for Shingobee and Salem Townships.