Election Judge Training

Welcome Clerks and Judges! 

We offer online election judge training as well as in-person election judge training. I would encourage new election judges to take the in person training as well as some additional equipment training. 

Attention all Cass County clerks!

Clerk Election Training is a requirement by State Law M.R. 8240.2700 for all Clerks; even Mail Ballot Clerks and School District Clerks (or for School Districts-their designated representative) 5 hours is required for 'new' clerks and 4 hours is required to maintain certification.

Once you have completed your required training please print and/or download and email your Training Completion Statement to [email protected] 

Additional Resources

Minnesota Secretary of State Election Judge Video

Please view the City/Township/School District Election Training Power Point, if you are unable to access the Power Point you can review the pdf w/notes below. Then complete Basic election judge training for the 2 additional training hours needed. If you are a new clerk complete 1 additional hour by reviewing the head judge training. Complete the Clerk Election Training Completion Statement and return to [email protected]