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Election Training Materials

Welcome Clerks and Judges! We are offering online election judge training as well as in-person election judge training. I would encourage new election judges to take the in person training as well as some additional equipment training. The training links can be found further down this page.

Attention all Cass County clerks!

Clerk Election Training is a requirement by State Law M.R. 8240.2700 for all Clerks; even Mail Ballot Clerks and School District Clerks (or for School Districts-their designated representative)!

Once you have completed your required training please print and/or download and email your Training Completion Statement to the Cass County Voter Email.

Guides & Training

Clerk Election

Please view the City/Township/School District Election Training Power Point, if you are unable to access the Power Point you can review the pdf w/notes below. Then complete Basic election judge training for the 2 additional training hours needed. If you are a new clerk complete 3 additional hours by reviewing the head judge training and head judge training. Complete the Clerk Election Training Completion Statement and return to [email protected] 

Basic Election Judge Training

Please view the training video below. If you are not able to view the video you can view the PowerPoint link or the pdf slides. The pdf slides will assist you with your quiz. Submit the completed quiz and your training completion statement to Cass County Voter Email.

Head Election Judge

Health Care Facility Election Judge

  • Call for Health Care Facility Election Judge training. 218-547-7260

Election Equipment Training Videos

The following election equipment training videos are not required. However, they are very informational and a great refresher!

These are general videos from a variety of entities although the processes are similar they are not exact. The information in these videos is very helpful for all election judges!

Additional Resources

Minnesota Secretary of State Election Judge Video


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