Region 5 – Central Minnesota Council on Aging


  • Meets every other month in St. Cloud
  • Regular meetings of the Board shall be held at least six times a year including the annual meeting in February
  • The Board shall establish such other regular meetings by resolution of the Board


The Central Minnesota Council on Aging (CMCOA) administers the Federal Older Americans Act dollars for a fourteen county area in 2005. The Council funding review committee evaluates proposals to provide services to older adults that have been determined to be in the highest need in this area. CMCOA's Board of Directors makes final approval of all funded services. Cass County’s Governing Board representatives will serve two years from this coming January 31st, or their first term will expire on January 31, 2007. Succeeding Cass County Governing Board members will be elected to serve three-year terms, except when appointed to fill an unexpired term. No member may serve more than three full consecutive terms. 

For more information visit the CMCOA website.


No per diems will be paid by CMCOA, however, if the appointee is a Region Five Commission member, per diems will be paid by the Commission. Governing Board members may request mileage reimbursement from CMCOA at the same rate as agency staff travel. The County pays $75 per diem plus meals and the CMCOA pays the mileage.