Civil Service Commission


  • Daytime
  • Once a month on Monday
  • Cass County Law Enforcement Center 
    303 Minnesota Avenue W
    Walker, MN 56484


Also known as the Sheriff’s Civil Commission, the Civil Service Commission is governed by Minnesota (MN) Statutes sections 387.34 and 387.35. Three citizens are appointed to serve three-year terms.


Commissioners serve without pay, but the county board shall allow the secretary such compensation, not exceeding $200 per year, as it shall deem necessary and commensurate with the additional services rendered. The commission shall annually submit a budget to the board of county commissioners for approval, modification or rejection. The county shall pay all necessary expenses incurred by the commission within the budget and in the same manner as other county obligations are disbursed, from the general revenue. 

Duties of commissioners

  • Subdivision 1. Positions classified; incumbents and service register. The commission shall have supervision over the employment, promotion, discharge, and suspension of all deputies and employees in the sheriff's department, except special deputies with no salary. 
  • The commission shall, immediately after its appointment and organization, grade and classify all positions and also all present employees of the sheriff's department; and any deputy regularly employed at the time of the creation of the civil service commission shall come under the jurisdiction of the commission without examination, and shall not be classified in a position with lower pay scale than said deputy is then receiving. 
  • The commission shall prepare a service register, in which shall be entered, their classes, the names, ages, compensation, period of past employment and such other facts and data with reference to each employee as the commission may deem useful, in order to better ascertain the standing of each deputy and employee for the purpose of promotions. 
  • The commission shall act in no more than an advisory capacity regarding salaries in the sheriff's department and sections 387.31 to 387.45 shall in no way change the manner of fixing salaries of deputies.