Citizen Committees, Commissions & Boards


Citizens from throughout the County volunteer to serve on committees, commissions, and boards as an important part of delivering local services. The role of the citizen varies by appointment and can include final decisions or recommendations to be considered by others. Citizen involvement is an essential element of governance in Cass County.


Individual Board members may choose to nominate citizens, however, all appointments are made by the Board of Commissioners as a group. Generally, the qualifications for appointment are legal voting age and a commitment to serve. In some cases, the law or agreement establishing the group defines additional requirements. The Board of Commissioners supports diversity in their appointments including age, sex, national origin, and geographic distribution.

Citizen Appointment Application (PDF)

Volunteer Information

  • Citizen volunteers are paid a per diem of $75 per meeting (unless otherwise noted) and reimbursed for mileage expenses at the IRS rate. 
  • Volunteers are not considered employees for the purpose of workers' compensation or unemployment compensation. 
  • Volunteers are required to provide their own automobile coverage. 
  • County liability coverage for volunteers is limited to acts within the scope of assigned volunteer duties on behalf of Cass County.

We thank those who have served and invite you to participate. 

For more information contact your Board of Commissioners by calling the Administration office at 218-547-7271 or sending an email.

List of Committees, Commissions & Boards 

Citizen appointments are made to the following:

  • Bi-County Community Action Programs, Inc.
  • Budget Committee
  • Central Minnesota (MN) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Region
  • Civil Service Commission
  • County Extension Committee
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Food Shelf Board –  Bi-County Community Action Programs (BI-CAP)
  • Housing & Redevelopment Authority
  • Mississippi Headwaters Board                                                 
  • Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment
  • Health, Human and Veterans Services Advisory Committee
  • Region 5 – Central MN Council on Aging
  • Sanitary District – Pine River (Information will be provided upon receipt from the District)